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DoctorOnCall Inks MoU With PERDIM To Bridge Healthcare Providers And Patients Through Digital Platform

Digital health platform, Health Digital Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (DoctorOnCall), has inked a strategic partnership with Pertubuhan Doktor–Doktor Islam Malaysia (PERDIM), an organisation that manages general practitioners in the provision of primary care in Malaysia. The partnership is aimed at providing PERDIM members with access to list their services on the DoctorOnCall platform, connecting them with potential patients seamlessly to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. 

DoctorOnCall is a secured digital platform that offers an online database of healthcare products and services by consolidating information and offerings from numerous healthcare providers and medical experts across Malaysia. This online database helps patients search for and identify suitable, reputable and verified doctors, treatments and products. 

Through this partnership, members of PERDIM will be able to upload and list their treatments and services on the platform to tap a wider telemedicine and digital health customer base. Reshaping healthcare provider-patient relationships and interactions, members of PERDIM will be able to offer remote health-related services such as teleconsultation and home monitoring aside from enabling patients to make bookings for physical appointments at their physical clinics. 

Patients will also be able to receive timely and urgent care that is cost and time-effective as it eliminates the need for them to travel and wait long hours in a queue. It avoids overcrowding in healthcare facilities that can be detrimental to those who are immunocompromised, with disabilities or have underlying health conditions that could be in a position of risk around large crowds. 

Hazwan Najib, Director and Co-Founder of DoctorOnCall said, “As part of our mission to make healthcare more accessible, DoctorOnCall is committed to cultivating a network of healthcare providers across the nation to provide superior healthcare. By truly understanding the pain points faced in the Malaysian healthcare ecosystem, we were able to tailor a one-stop healthcare platform that delivers a synergistically integrated suite of services by providing our platform to PERDIM doctors. With that, they are able to create convenience, responsiveness, and trust by providing patients with a wide spectrum of healthcare products and services all at their fingertips.” 

“Our partnership with PERDIM will further fortify our network of quality and diversified healthcare capabilities. This partnership will also empower patients with broader options and value-added access to elite healthcare services recognised by PERDIM. Having their offerings listed on DoctorOnCall will enable PERDIM’s healthcare providers to offer more patient-centric services, elevating patients’ needs,” Hazwan added. 

Dr. Boi Saidi bin Abdul Razak, President of PERDIM shared that through the online platform, PERDIM medical practitioners will be able to generate awareness around their products and services, providing them with the ability to reach more patients than ever before. 

“This partnership will help medical practitioners unlock new possibilities in providing healthcare. It is an exciting opportunity that will empower us to provide enhanced medical services to remain competitive in this digital age. Our aim is not to eliminate physical consultation entirely. Instead, we want to complement physical consultation with virtual care services to increase provider-patient engagement quality.” 

Dr Boi continued, “For example, if a child has a fever with red spots, a differential diagnosis can be given online. The medical practitioner can then advise if a physical examination is required to perform a thorough examination, provide a diagnosis and prescribe necessary medication. The DoctorOnCall platform will enable medical practitioners to conduct periodic medical check-ins and provide palliative care while patients will be able to seamlessly seek opinions or recommendations and purchase medications at their physical outlets.” 

The platform also features a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that digitalises and facilitates the procurement process between the buyers (clinics and doctors) and the sellers (distributors). It provides buyers with access to procure from a variety of products with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), financing options and fulfillment.