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Winners of MYStartup Pre-Accelerator Programme Cohort

Top five winners have been announced in MYStartup Pre-Accelerator Programme Cohort 2 Demo Day, following a five-month intensive enrichment program.

The five winners are Acxyn, Boom Rocks, Certiify, IHX and Ulalive, MYStartup said in a statement on Tuesday.

MYStartup Strategy is a national initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and powered by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. (Cradle).

Having validated MYStartup’s aim to bring positive impact to the Malaysian startup ecosystem, the Pre-Accelerator Programme was exclusively designed for pre-seed and early-stage startups targeted at achieving impactful customer proof points while building and validating ideas and business models.

“As we strive to be one of the top startup ecosystems in the region, we will continue to develop our support system especially for startups who are just beginning their journey.” said Ahmad Kashfi Alwi, Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Development, Cradle.

“This stage is the most crucial first step, where startups would need the most care. Through the MYStartup Pre- Accelerator Program, local early-stage startups will have access to a myriad of available resources, such as world-class mentorship, guidance, and funding opportunities to provide them with all the assistance they need,

“As we further enrich the Malaysian startup network, we hope
that this support will provide a solid foundation to ensure the future success and longevity of these early-stage startups,” he added.

A total of 38 startups across 8 different industries of EdTech, AgTech, Healthtech, global business services, Fintech, FoodTech, manufacturing, digital arts were selected for the Pre-Accelerator programme Cohort 2.

Over the five-month duration between October 2022 to February 2023, they were given direct access to MYStartup’s startup resource library, exclusive networking events with MYStartup’s pool of international and local mentors and partnerships, invitations and group visits to innovation hubs, market research access, as well as channels to funding opportunities.

Additionally, at the end of the Pre-Accelerator program, the list of post-programme and funding opportunities continue as added perks where startups will be given the chance to leverage on the BEYOND4 (the first Startup Accelerator to be backed by a Funding Programme) Ecosystem with the continuous support of MYStartup in the respective startups’ growth.

Startups will be given the opportunity to participate in BEYOND4 Phase 2 Journey which consists of further assistance in startup governance, shared services, comprehensive guidance, and equity crowd funding resources that allow startups extra prospects to procure the necessary funding to accelerate their market-readiness development.

Guidance have always been at the forefront of MYStartup’s programs, providing startups with ample opportunity to be noticed by potential investors (local and international), as well as enabling market reach well after the Pre-Accelerator programme has concluded.

This inclusion of post-program opportunities guarantees a comprehensive and holistic journey for early- stage startups to increase their rate of success moving forward.

Towards the end of Demo Day, the winners of MYStartup’s Pre-Accelerator Programme Cohort 2 were also announced.

The top five winning startups are:

  1. Acxyn, a games economic infrastructure builder that will ease adoption of the decentralized web, and unlock the true economic potential of games, where games will have complete ownership of their revenue streams and game communities.
  2. Boom Rocks, a virtual and hybrid event platform offered to anyone or any business with a stage to showcase and sell their products live to event attendees.
  3. Certiify, combats fake certification issues with blockchain-powered certification management solutions.
  4. IHX, a digital healthcare marketplace.
  5. Ulalive, a no-code platform that uses personalized video call-to-actions to help businesses acquire leads faster and build a sales pipeline from scratch.

These top five startup winners will participate in the exclusive MYStartup Overseas Immersion Programme that allows them the chance to engage and connect with other key players in the industry on an international playing field.

Designed to ensure that startups are fully prepared to enter any market for further business expansion, the Overseas Immersion Programme is one of the key highlights of the Pre-Accelerator Programme.

Spending three days in True Digital Park in Thailand, the winning startups will be able to gain real-life insights as they connect and engage with a range of potential partners to have impactful conversations on sustaining a business and possibly expanding their businesses to the next level.

Beyond that, the opportunity for international research and development (R&D) partnerships, along with market testing, will massively aid these startups in ensuring their offerings fit the demand of users globally.